1.) Does my child need a wetsuit?

Campers 10yrs and up after June are typically ok without a wetsuit. All parents know their children, so if you know they get cold easy or think they would prefer a wetsuit, send one with your camper. Our friends at Asylum Surf Shop would be happy to set you up with a wetsuit purchase or rental. Weekly rentals available: Ages 6 &7 a full wetsuit is strongly recommended and a 4:3 millimeter is best. Wetsuits are provided in lessons through our year-round surf school.

2.) What is the starting age for camp?

7 years old call for special permission for 6 years old.

3.) Which session is better?

Both sessions are good for surfing (even beach under the water helps tide transition to be smoother).

4.) Does my child have to be a good swimmer?

Parental acknowledgement of basic swim (can swim from middle of pool to side and climb out for example) completion is required. We cover ocean safety and boards handling the first day along with camp rules. 

5.) Do parents stay at the beach or leave?

Your choice. You are free to come and go. Many parents work so are not present but we love getting to know our campers families as they relax at our awesome beach.

6.) What is the Camper to Instructor ratio?

They are in groups of 3 campers to one instructor. There are sometimes groups smaller than this due to special circumstances.  There is also a double layer of supervision with the camp director also watching from the beach.

7.) I have a child with special needs, can they participate?

We can accommodate all kids of new surfers, but please contact us via phone or email so we can make special arrangements to accommodate your camper and ensure a safe a positive experience.

8.) Does my child need a lifejacket?

No, unless a special condition required it. It is a sandy, flat beach bottom where we teach so campers can touch. However we still require campers have basic swim skills.

9.) Will I getting a confirmation?

Yes via email confirming your registration and then closer to camp a Notice to Parents email with
parking information, reminders on what to bring, etc. there is a lot of great info in there.

Call us today: (760) 889-8984